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April 21st Report Ukraine Map

South Kharkiv Front

  • Russian Forces are attacking Zavody and Adriivka, in order to reach Hrushuvakha.

  • Russian Forces are also attacking Dibrovne and Dovhenke. They have had a lot of trouble advancing in that region.

  • The Oskil and Siverskyi Donets Rivers have been able to stop the Russian advancement east toward Yatskivka and Studenok.

  • Pidlyman (South of Borova) has been captured by the Russians, and the Ukrainians have been pushed back toward Lozove. (Pidlyman is circled in red)

  • Because of the rough and muddy terrain with bad roads in the Lozove region, it is hard for the Russians to move south quickly.

Kharkiv- Luhansk Region

  • The Russians were able to capture Torske (circled in red) after capturing Kreminna about 3 days ago.

  • The next Russian offensive most likely would be on the city of Lyman.

  • Currently the battles are taking place in a village west of Torske called Zarichne.

  • The Russians soldiers are still about 8-10 Kilometers East of Lyman.

Battle For Severodonetsk

  • The Russians are attacking Severodonetsk from 3 different sides (North, East, South)

  • Two pictures of Russian soldiers were geolocated to the north part of Rubizhne and to the east entrance of Rubizhne.

  • While the Russians have not taken Rubizhne, they have entered it and are attacking it from both sides.

  • Ukraine still has full control of Severodonetsk and the Russians have not yet been able to enter it.

  • Battles are on going in Borivske (Circled in Red), and the village of Borivske is under partial but not full Russian Control.

South Luhansk

  • Russian Forces have been able to get into Popasna and advance multiple blocks but they do not control most of the city.

  • Zolotole, Novotoshkivske, and Nyzhnie are successfully stopping Russian offensives.

  • More than a week ago, the Russians were able to take the Novotoshkivske Military Checkpoint which is outside of the village, but have so far been unable to advance.

Donetsk Front

  • There have been NO changes on the Donetsk front.

  • Ukraine has been able to successfully stop Russian advances toward villages of Adiivka and Niu-York.

  • Today over Avdiivka, a Russian Su-25 was shot down with a Stinger (MANPADS)

  • There was a lot of shelling in Avdiivka.

  • A Russian Orlan-10 was shot down over Niu-York using a StarStreak (MANPADS)

Donetsk- Zaporizhzhia

  • There have been NO changes on this front, but the Russians have been trying to break through the Ukrainian lines toward Vuhledar and Velyka Novosilka.

Zaporizhzhia Front

  • There has been no territory change in the Zaporizhzhia region, although fighting was reported near Polohy which means that Ukraine could be planning a counteroffensive towards Polohy and then Tokmak.

  • A Russian Ka-52 Helicopter was shot down between Kamyanske and Orikhiv using a Ukrainian 9K38 Igla (MANPADS). The video is in the combat footage section.

  • A Russian Mi-8 Helicopter was shot down East of Hulyaipole.

  • There were multiple Russian missiles fired at Zaporizhzhia that hit and damaged a bridge, a train, and a building. They wounded 8 people.

North Kherson Front

  • There has been no territory change in the North Kherson Region

  • The Russians attempted to advance toward Trudoliubivka (Circled in red), but their attempts were unsuccessful.

Mykolaiv- Kherson Front

  • There has been NO changes to the Mykolaiv- Kherson Front.

  • Battles continue in both Oleksandrivka and Stanislav in Kherson.

  • Mykolaiv is experiencing a lot of shelling and missile strikes.

Kharkiv Front

  • There has been NO territory changes on the Kharkiv Front.

  • A secret warehouse with $200 million worth of Ammunition was found in Kharkiv

  • Kharkiv continues to get shelled.

Full Map of Ukraine April 21, 2022

Top Ten News Headlines for April 20th, 2022

  1. Biden announced $500 Million for Ukraine's Economy and an additional $800 Million for Ukraine's Military.

  2. The Pentagon has said that they gave Ukraine a highly classified drone called "Phoenix Ghost" which is suited specifically for the war in Ukraine.

  3. The Pentagon also said that Ukraine got a classified naval system.

  4. The Pentagon says that Ukraine has increased its fighter jet fleet by 20 in two weeks.

  5. Ukrainian soldiers are being trained on 155mm Howitzers in Poland by the US Army which are expected to be one the battlefield within a week.

  6. Satellite Photos show mass graves in Mariupol. Russia may potentially be covering up for war crimes and making mass graves like they did in Bucha.

  7. Russia announced a ceasefire in Mariupol, and a siege on Azovstal because if the battles would continued then the Russians could have had big losses.

  8. Finland will apply for NATO membership in a couple weeks.

  9. The Prime Minister's of Spain and Denmark visited Kyiv

  10. Russia tested the Satan 2 ICBM in an attempt to scare the West. Russian television program hosts were talking about bombing USA and New York City.

Thank You for reading, check back on the next report tomorrow.

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