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April 23 Report Ukraine Map

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Ukraine Battle Map Legend:

🟡Yellow Pins : Always were Controlled by Ukraine

🟢Green Pins: Recaptured/ Liberated by Ukraine

⚪️White Pins: Contested or Unverified

🔴Red Pins: Are currently Controlled by Russia

📈 Green and Red Lines are the main routes used to attack or previous advances

📉Thin Blue line- Separates Ukrainian oblasts/ regions (Ex: Donetsk/ Dnipro)

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front Line (30km South of Zaporizhzhia) Part 1

  • The Green line is the Ukrainian forces frontline border. It is the line where Ukrainian defenses are closest to Russian Forces.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front Line Part 2

  • Russia took 10 small villages in the Donetsk Region (Circled in Red)

  • Russia now controls almost all the villages on Zaporizhzhia's Donetsk border.

  • Russia tried to break through to Zaporizhzia by attacking Zelene Pole (Yellow Pin on the right of Temyrivka), but they were unsuccessful.

  • Ukraine's frontline is Malynivka, Remivka, Temyrivka/ Zelene Pole, Velkya Novosilka, Novoukrainka, and Vuledar.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front Line Part 3

  • Ukraine successfully defended attacks on Vuhledar and Marinka.

  • Avdiivka (North of Donetsk) was shelled by Russian MLRS today.

  • Novomykhailivka is contested territory and of unknown status.

North Donetsk Front

  • Popasna is partially controlled by Russia, but the majority of the city still is controlled by Ukrainian Forces.

  • Ukraine is still successfully repelling Russian attacks on Niu-York and Svitlodarsk.

Luhansk Front

  • Severodonetsk is still fully controlled by Ukraine.

  • Battles continue in Rubizhne, and Russia controls a small part of it.

  • Borivske (circled in red) is still contested territory. If Borivske falls then Russia is able to attack Severodonetsk from the South.

  • Nzyhnie, Novotoshkivske, and Zolote are all fully controlled by Ukraine.

  • Russian Forces are still 10 km East of Lyman

Kharkiv- Luhansk Front

  • Russia captured Lozove (circled in red), and battles are taking place in Yatskivka

  • Russia attempted to take Virnopillya (circled in green) but were unsuccessful. Virnopillya has a population of 750 people.

  • Zavody and Andriivka (white pins) are still contested territory as battles are on going in both villages.

North Kharkiv Front

  • Ukraine liberated Slatyne and Prudyanka (circled in green)

  • Prudyanka is 10 km from Russia's border.

  • Slatyne has a population of 6,076, and Prudyanka has a population of 1,778.

  • Kharkiv was shelled more than 50 times, 9 people were wounded and 1 was killed.

Mykolaiv- Kherson Front

  • In Kherson, Ukrainian forces attacked a command post and killed 2 Russian Generals and another one is in critical condition. This brings the total number of Russian Generals killed in Ukraine to 9 since the beginning of the 2022 invasion.

  • Mykolaiv and other Ukrainian controlled villages were shelled.

South Dnipro- North Kherson Front

  • There have been no changed North of Kherson.

Full Map of Ukraine War for April 23

Percentage of Ukrainian territory Russia controls as of April 23

  • 94.7% of Luhansk Oblast

  • 93% of Kherson Oblast

  • 74.1% of Zaporizhzhia Oblast

  • 54.7% of Donetsk Oblast

  • Russia has occupied 20.6% of Ukraine (including Crimea)

Top Ten News Headlines

  1. USA Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are visiting Kyiv, Ukraine on April 24.

  2. Russia sent multiple missiles to strike Odesa. 6 people were killed and 18 wounded. One of the people killed was a 3 month old baby.

  3. Multiple satellite pictures showed many mass graves in Mariupol with possibly up to 9,000 people buried in them.

  4. Poland donated $1.6 billion to Ukraine worth of military equipment.

  5. Ukraine reportedly has killed two more Russian generals in Kherson. A third Russian General is currently in critical condition. This brings the total of Russian generals killed in Ukraine to 9 since the beginning of the Invasion.

  6. EU is considering imposing a 6th package of sanctions on Russia, it will most likely contain sanctions on Russian Energy.

  7. Russia has finished repositioning their troops and are going to attempt another large offensive in Ukriane, this was stated by Ukraine's Defense Ministry.

  8. Battles are reportedly still continuing in Azovstal, even though Russia says they ordered a ceasefire.

  9. Ukrainian air defenses shot down 17 Russian targets, including 3 aircrafts & 9 UAVs.

  10. French Minister says EU will impose a full embargo on Russian Oil in a couple weeks. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will not send Ukraine tanks and heavy weapons citing that it might risk causing Nuclear War. Ukraine says Germany refused to supply them with most of what they requested.

Current Russian Loses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

  • ~21,600 Soldiers Killed

  • 854 Tanks

  • 2,205 Armoured Personnel Vehicles

  • 403 Artillery Systems

  • 143 MLRS

  • 69 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems

  • 177 Aircrafts

  • 154 Helicopters

  • 182 UAVs

  • 1,543 Vehicles

  • 76 Fuel Tank Vehicles

  • 8 Boats/ Ships

  • 27 Other Special Equipment

  • 4 Mobile Short Range Ballistic Missile Systems

Thank You for reading, check back on the next report tomorrow.

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