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April 24 Report Ukraine Map

Ukraine Battle Map Legend:

🟡Yellow Pins: Always were Controlled by Ukraine

🟢Green Pins: Recaptured/ Liberated by Ukraine

⚪️White Pins: Contested or Unverified

🔴Red Pins: Are currently Controlled by Russia

📈 Green and Red Lines are the main routes used to attack or previous advances

📉Thin Blue line- Separates Ukrainian oblasts/ regions (Ex: Donetsk/ Dnipro)

Mykolaiv- Kherson Front

  • Ukraine liberated 8 settlements in the Kherson Region

  • 6 of the settlements liberated are Pravdyne, Soldatske, Zelenyi Hai, Barvinok, Kyselivka, and Klapaya (The circled green pins).

  • The Ukrainians are now 6 kilometers away from Kherson/ Chornobaivka airports.

  • The 5 white pins to the right of Pravdyne were thought to have been liberated, but are still contested territories. Because reports came out that Russian tanks disguised as the Ukrainian army came into those villages (5 white pins) and fired at people's houses to make it look like the Ukrainian army is firing on civilians. There may still be Russian soldiers in those villages so they remain contested.

  • Stanislav is also contested because battles are still being reported in that village.

North Kherson- Kryvyi Rih Front

  • Russia is potentially planning a big attack coming from North Kherson towards the city of Kryvyi Rih says Ukrainian Intelligence. Russia hasn't gained any new territory in the North Kherson region for more than a month, and the front has remained as a stalemate for weeks.

  • On April 1, Ukraine recaptured most of the villages marked by green pins above, and Russia hasn't been able to get any of them back.

East Kharkiv Front

  • Ukraine liberated three villages in East of Kharkiv (three circled green pins) called Kochetok, Pechenihy, and Kytsivka.

  • Pechenihy has a population of 5,112 people.

  • Kochetok has a population of 2,986 people.

  • Kytsivka has a population of 59 people.

  • For the last couple of weeks, Ukriane has been making steady gains in this region and not letting Russia advance further.

North Kharkiv Front

  • There has been no changes on the North Kharkiv Front

  • Many people were killed (4-8 people) and 15 were wounded do to constant shelling throughout the day and night.

Izium- South Kharkiv Front

  • Russia has captured the three small villages (3 circled red pins) called Andriivka, Zavody, and Petropillya.

  • Russia attempted to attack the village to the right of Hrushuvakha but failed.

  • Dovhen'ke was also attacked but the Ukrainians defeated the Russians.

Luhansk- Donetsk Front

  • Russia captured Lozove on April 23rd. Then today, tried to take the village Yatskivka (South of Lozove) but Ukraine successfully defended the attack.

  • The white pin on the West of Tors'ke (Zarichne) is partially controlled by Russia.

  • Russia tried to advance from Tors'ke through Zarichne, towards Lyman but the attack was successfully defended by Ukraine and Russia could not enter Lyman.

  • It is reported that Russia now partially controls Yampil (South of Tors'ke).

Luhansk Front

  • There have been no major changes on the Luhansk Front.

  • Ukraine has maintained all the fronts previously held yesterday.

  • Russia still controls parts of Rubizhne, Popasna, and Borivs'ke.

  • Ukraine holds all of Severodonetsk, Nyzhnie, Novotoshkivske, and Zolote.

North Donetsk Front

  • Russia troops continue to shell Avdiivka

  • Two kids were killed as a results of shelling in Ocheretyne.

  • There have been no territory changes on this front.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 1)

  • There has been no changes on this part of the Zaporizhzhia-Donetsk Front.

  • Ukraine has downed a Russian Orlan-10 drone using electronic warfare near Orikhiv.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 2)

  • Both Russian and Ukrainian troops have been reported in Malynivka, it has been changed from fully Ukraine controlled to contested territory.

  • Russia deployed large amounts of equipment near Malynivka and Velyla Novosilka.

  • The deployment may be because they want to solidly their recently gained villages which are the 9 red circles. It is possible that Russia is preparing an offensive to the North in order to take Velyka Novosilka and other villages.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 3)

  • Russian forces attempted to attack Mar'inka and Novomykhailivka, but the attack was stopped by the Ukrainian Forces before the Russian forces entered the villages.

  • There have been no new gains for Russia in this region, but Russian forces have reportedly increased their equipment near Pavlivka (red circle).

Full Map of Ukraine April 24, 2022

Top Ten Important News Headlines

  1. Macron wins French Presidential Election and is re-elected for a second term of five years. Emmanuel Macron beat his pro-Russian opponent Marine Le-Penn. Pollsters projected that the final results will be 58.9% for Macron to 41.1% for Le-Penn.

  2. Ukraine Intelligence services reported that they expect Russia to conduct a large scale offensive towards Kryvyi Rih in the coming days. Although, Ukraine says they are anticipating it and are full prepared.

  3. USA Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, visited Kyiv today and met with multiple Ukrainian officials include Zelensky.

  4. Today was Orthodox Easter, which is widely celebrated in Ukraine. During the day, Russia launched multiple missile attacks on various places around the country.

  5. Austria's Foreign Minister says that Ukraine should not be offered EU membership, instead saying that other paths should be used. Austria relies heavily on Russian Oil and Gas because Austria is 80% dependent on Russian Gas. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow on April 11th, and stated after the meeting that it was "not friendly" but that Austria doesn't plan to give up Russian gas.

  6. There were 9 missile strikes on Kremenchuk at 10 PM today. Kremenchuk is 140 km Northwest of Dnipro. There were air raids alerts in all of the regions of Ukraine today.

  7. UK Defense Ministry has reported that Russia's decision to besiege Mariupol's Azovstal instead of attack it will require a substantial number of troops to stay in Mariupol in order to hold the current ground. This means that Russia will not be relocating a large number of troops to other regions as previously thought. Even though Russia has said that they did a ceasefire in Mariupol to besiege Azovstal, there is still reports and videos of fighting currently taking place in Azovstal.

  8. There has been multiple videos showing big fires and explosions taking place in Bryansk, Russia which is 100 Kilometers North of Ukraine's border. The developments are new and they could've been started due to many different reasons. Ranging from a Ukrainian drone/ helicopter attack, Ukrainian missile attacks, an anti-Russia group, or Russia could've started them to blame Ukraine.

  9. About 3 million refugees from Ukraine have fled to Poland since the invasion started.

  10. There are about 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 1,000 civilians (including women and children) that are trapped in the surrounded Azovstal Plant in Mariupol. Below is a diagram showing how life works on the 6 underground floors of Azovstal.

Current Russian Losses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

As of April 24 and (Change from previous day)

  • ~21,900 Soldiers Killed (+300)

  • 884 Tanks (+30)

  • 2,258 Armoured Personnel Vehicles (+53)

  • 411 Artillery Systems (+8)

  • 149 MLRS (+6)

  • 69 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems (+0)

  • 181 Aircrafts (+4)

  • 154 Helicopters (+0)

  • 201 UAVs (+19)

  • 1,566 Vehicles (+23)

  • 76 Fuel Tank Vehicles (+0)

  • 8 Boats/ Ships (+0)

  • 28 Other Special Equip3ment (+1)

  • 4 Mobile Short Range Ballistic Missile Systems (+0)

Today's Map of NATO Plane's flying around Ukraine

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