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April 26 Report Ukraine Map

Ukraine Battle Map Legend:

🟡Yellow Pins: Always were Controlled by Ukraine

🟢Green Pins: Recaptured/ Liberated by Ukraine

⚪️White Pins: Contested or Unverified

🔴Red Pins: Are currently Controlled by Russia

📈 Green and Red Lines are the main routes used to attack or previous advances

📉Thin Blue Line- Separates Ukrainian oblasts/ regions (Ex: Donetsk/ Dnipro)

Mykolaiv- Kherson Front

  • Today, Ukrainian forces took back three villages West of Snihurivka called Shyroke, Lyubyne, and Novopetrivka (circled in green). This means that Ukrainian forces are surrounding Snihurivka fully from the North and West sides. Setting up for a potential counter-offensive on Snihurivka. Prior to this, Ukrainian forces were pushed a distance away from Snihurivka and Russian forces had controlled villages around it.

  • Battles continue in Oleksandrivka (white pin above Stanislav). Oleksandrivka was previous controlled by Ukrainian forces but now is contested territory.

  • Ukrainian forces are 5 km from Chornobaivka/ Kherson Airport after Russia had unsuccessfully conducted an offensive on Posad-Pokrovs'ke leading to a loss of a significant amount of Russian forces and 8 settlements were liberated by Ukraine.

  • One person was killed as a result of shelling on Mykolaiv, and a Russian Orlan-10 drone was shot down near Kherson.

  • Russia has not flown helicopters in the Mykolaiv-Kherson area for a number of weeks.

North Kherson- Kryvyi Rih Front

  • Ukraine has destroyed a Russian weapons warehouse in Velyka Oleksandrivka.

  • Ukrainian controlled villages in North Kherson and Dnipro Oblast have been constantly shelled damaging houses and injuring people.

Kharkiv- Luhansk Front

  • Russian Forces are attacking Korovii Iar (Circled in Red) after failing to advance in Yats'kivka. Korovii Iar is now contested as battles are taking place in the village.

  • Russia has failed to advance in Virnopillya and Dovhen'ke, and could not take villages with a couple hundred people living in them.

  • A three minute video from the area of Virnopillya was released showing Ukrainian forces successfully using a Ukrainian Stugna-P Anti-tank Guided Missile and destroying 4 Russian tanks in a row in three minutes.

  • Link to video of Ukrainian Forces destroying 4 Russian tanks

Luhansk- Donetsk Front

  • Novotoshkivske (Circled in Red) with about a population of 2,200 was taken by Russia on April 25th.

  • Nyzhnie and Orikhove are now being attacked by Russia.

  • Street battles are continuing in Popasna, and Russia has not been able to gain any significant territory in the city. Russia controls a small part of Popasna.

  • Buildings are being destroyed and 3 people died today due to shelling in Popasna.

  • Ukraine has conducted a missile strike on Russian Ammunition locations in Irmino.

  • Click this to see video of explosions of Russian Ammunition Storage in Irmino.

Luhansk Front

  • Cities continue to be shelled and Russia has failed to advance in all places.

  • Russia has gained no new territory in Rubizhne.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 1)

  • Continuous Green Line shows Ukraine's Front Line.

  • Russia has made no advancements towards Zaporizhzhia.

  • Intense shelling continues in villages near the frontline.

  • Bilohir'ya (white pin east of Orikhiv) is now contested, previously Russia controlled.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 2)

  • Neskuchne and Vremivka (circled in green) are now contested, these were previously Russian controlled but battles are taking place South of them which means they are no longer fully Russian controlled, and potentially liberated by Ukraine.

  • There are mixed reports on Novosilka being Ukraine or Russia controlled. If the village of Neskuchne is back in Ukraine's control then Russian forces would have a very hard time bringing supplies toward Novosilka as they would need to go through muddy field roads rather than paved roads.

Zaporizhzhia- Donetsk Front (Part 3)

  • There has been no news or territory changes on this front.

  • Ukraine has held this front without any Russian advances for a number of weeks.

  • North of Stepne, the frontline for Ukraine remains at is was before the 2022 Invasion.

North Donetsk-Horlivka Front

  • There has been no news or territory changes on this front.

Kharkiv Front

  • There has been no territory changes on the Kharkiv Front

  • A couple of days ago, Ukraine liberated a number of villages East of Chuhuiv to Pechenihy (circled in green).

Full Map of Ukraine April 26, 2022

Top Ten Most Important News Headlines

  1. Defense Ministers from more than 40 countries met at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss weapon shipments to Ukraine. These types of meetings will take place every month in order to help Ukraine defeat Russia and weaken Russia's military.

  2. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Then UN Secretary General Guterres plans to go to Kyiv to meet with President Zelensky. In the meeting, Putin and Guterres agreed to evacuate civilians trapped in Azovstal.

  3. Russia has completely shut off gas flowing to Poland and Bulgaria. Germany officials have said that they have become a lot less dependent on Russian oil in the last few weeks and that an EU embargo on Russian oil may be possible sooner than thought.

  4. Russia has hit a bridge that connects Mainland Ukraine to another part of Ukraine called Bilhorod Dnistrovs'kyi. Without this bridge, about 13,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory would be inaccessible, meaning that Odesa Oblast would be split in half. Allowing Russia to do an Amphibious Landing Assault on the region.

  5. Moldova has started preparing for a possible Russian attack from the Transnistria region, after Russian troops in Transnistria were put on high alert. This is unlikely to be successful as there are only about 500-1,500 Russian troops in Transnistria.

  6. UN says that the number of Ukrainian refugees could rise to 8.3 million by the end of 2022. As of today, about 5.2 million Ukrainians have fled the country and 7.7 million have been forced to relocated to a safer region inside the country.

  7. Ukraine is now starting to be trained and use NATO weapons. Initially, Ukraine was supplied Soviet/Russian equipment that they were already trained to use, but in order to gain a better advantage over Russia the Ukrainian Armed Forces need to have newer and more sophisticated equipment.

  8. US and UK leaders are brushing off Russia's threat of nuclear weapons. As NATO countries ramp up weapon shipments to strengthen Ukraine's army, Russia has conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test on a nuclear weapon that could reach anywhere in the world. Russia has ramped up threats of using nuclear weapons against the US and Europe, but US military leaders and Boris Johnson are not taking them seriously and see Russia using nuclear weapons as "unlikely".

  9. Sweden and Finland are planning to apply to NATO as soon as May.

  10. Germany has authorized shipments of tanks to Ukraine, and Switzerland ban Germany from supplying Ukraine with Swiss-made ammunition as they want to maintain their neutral status.

Current Russian Losses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

As of April 26 and (Change from last update)

  • ~22,100 Soldiers Killed (+200)

  • 918 Tanks (+34)

  • 2,308 Armoured Personnel Vehicles (+50)

  • 416 Artillery Systems (+5)

  • 149 MLRS (+2)

  • 69 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems (+0)

  • 184 Aircrafts (+3)

  • 154 Helicopters (+0)

  • 205 UAVs (+4)

  • 1,643 Vehicles (+77)

  • 76 Fuel Tank Vehicles (+0)

  • 8 Boats/ Ships (+0)

  • 31 Other Special Equipment (+3)

  • 4 Mobile Short Range Ballistic Missile Systems (+0)

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