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June 4 Report Ukraine Map

Severodonetsk Front

  • Ukrainian Forces have retaken the village of Metolkine and most of Voronove.

  • Severodonetsk is currently about 50% controlled by Ukrainian Forces and 50% controlled by Russians.

  • There have been claims that the entire Severodonetsk is taken back by Ukrainian Forces but they are unconfirmed.

  • Russian Forces have been putting significant reinforcement reserves in Severodonetsk in order to keep territory while Ukraine conducts a counteroffensive.

Slovyansk Front

  • Russian Forces have captured three villages in North Donetsk: Studenok, Sosnove, and Shchurove which are North of the Siverskyi Donets River.

  • Ukrainian forces are defending Svyatohirsk, if they lose it then they’ll retreat south across the Siverskyi Donets River.

  • Russian Forces have been seen bringing over a lot of Pontoon Bridges on trucks toward the region and it is expected that the Russians will attempt to make multiple Pontoon Bridges in an attempt to cross the river to get to Slovyansk.

East Slovyansk Front

  • Recently Russian Forces have taken full control of Dibrova and weeks ago they took control of Yampil. This means that in this region Ozerne is the only village keeping Russians from taking all the land on that side of the Siverskyi Donets River.

  • It is unknown whether Ukrainian Forces are holding this land in order to eventually counter attack or if Russian Forces have not tried to significantly attack the village.

  • If Russian Forces take both Ozerne and Svyatohirsk (North Slovyansk) then they will control all the territory North of the Siverskyi Donets River in Donetsk Oblast and most likely prepare to do an offensive to cross the river from multiple locations.

North Kherson Axis

Ukrainian troops have launched a counterattack 40 mi/65km NE of Kherson City with the stated goal of destroying Russian supply lines to the north of the region. Ukrainian troops are attacking from two directions & by June 1 had liberated the towns of Lozove and Bilohirka. Davydiv Brid has likely been fully recaptured as well. Kostromka, Bruskynske & Andriivka are contested.

Popasna Axis

There has been little movement along this axis in the past several days. The Russian push towards Bakhmut has largely stalled and Russia's first big opportunity to seize the Bakhmut to Lysychans'k highway was repulsed on May 25 after just a few hours of holding the road. Russia continues to shell Bakhmut & Lysychans'k and Russian troops have the highway under fire from artillery that can easily spot moving vehicles along the road. Damage to the road has been substantial. Russia was able to fully capture the town of Komyshuvakha on June 4 after two weeks of back and forth fighting for the city.

North Kharkiv Axis

Ukraine and Russia are currently operating parallel offensives in north Kharkiv. Russia has been attacking south and retook Ternova on May 31 after two weeks of fighting. Ukraine is attacking north just to the west of the Russian attack and has captured Vesele and Male Vesele. These two attacks will likely run into each other soon. Russia continues to shell the entire frontline from within Russia in order to limit Ukrainian retaliation strikes or counter battery fire.

Full Map of Ukraine June 4, 2022

Top Ten Important News Headlines

  1. Switzerland slams the brakes on Denmark’s shipment of military vehicles (CPH)

  2. Russia puts more strength behind 'creeping' Ukraine advance (ABC)

  3. Strike on the Sviatohirsk Lavra: Zelenskyy awaits the reaction of the UN (Yahoo)

  4. Russian Regional Parliament Building Set Ablaze in Siberian City (Newsweek)

  5. Russia 'threatens to strike the West' if it’s hit with US rockets (Yahoo)

  6. Ukraine anger as Macron says 'Don't humiliate Russia' (BBC)

  7. Russian missiles strike Kyiv, shattering sense of calm (Washington Post)

  8. Ukraine shot down a Russian drone over Black Sea worth about $7 million (Forbes)

  9. Spain to deliver anti-aircraft missiles and tanks to Ukraine (Reuters)

  10. Ukraine counterattacks contested city of Severodonetsk, Britain says (Reuters)

Current Russian Losses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

As of June 4 and (Change from previous day)

  • ~31,050 Soldiers Killed (+100)

  • 1,376 Tanks (+9)

  • 3,379 Armored Personnel Vehicles (+13)

  • 680 Artillery Systems (+5)

  • 207 MLRS (+0)

  • 95 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems (+0)

  • 210 Aircrafts (+0)

  • 175 Helicopters (+0)

  • 13 Boats/ Ships (+0)

  • 540 UAVs (+5)

  • 52 Other Special Equipment (+1)

  • 2,337 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks (+8)

  • Cruise Missiles 122 (+1)

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