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May 29 Report Ukraine Map

Severodonetsk Front

  • Russian Forces have entered the city of Severodonetsk from the North part and from the East part. They have taken the Mir Hotel in the North but their advances there have been slowed.

  • In the East, The Russians have taken a couple of city blocks and are currently fighting to gain more territory while also taking a big part of Metolkine.

  • From the North, Russian Forces are about 2 km from the center of the city and from the East they are about 3 km from the center of the city.

  • Metolkine and Voronove are contested territories, as Russia controls more than half of Metolkine and an unknown amount of Voronove.

Kharkiv Front

Kharkiv Oblast has seen some of the most intense and consistent fighting since the war officially began on February 24, 2022. There was a long and hard fought battle that was eventually won by Ukraine. See below for a summation of that battle:

Now that the Battle of Kharkiv City is over, there continues to be fighting in the area but to a much lesser degree than around Popasna, Severondonetsk, Donetsk and Lyman. Russia is currently seeking to maintain a buffer between Ukrainian troops and the international border but has not devoted enough troops or supplies to ensure this is the case. The reason for the buffer is likely to prevent Belgorod to the north falling into Ukrainian artillery range. This is accomplished by maintaining a 40km distance between UAF and the city. See below map for general locations.

Currently the only line of attack for Russia is trying to recapture the town of Ternova, which it has been contesting with Ukraine for several days now. Aside from that one ongoing battle Russia seems content with keeping the territory it has already taken and working towards taking new territory in other locations. This likely reflects a push to accomplish the goals set forth by Russian President Putin to capture all of Donetsk & Luhansk Oblasts and to create a land bridge to Transnistria. Other goals have much lower priority than this right now.

It is not expected that heavy fighting will break out in this region in the short term, as neither Ukraine nor Russia have the troops to spare for the effort. Small scale back and forth will continue for the time being.

Kherson Front

  • In this map of the Mykolaiv-Kherson region, there has been a stalemate for a couple of weeks as Russia attempts to solidify their gains and fortify their positions to keep Kherson when Ukriane counter attacks.

  • Ukrainian Forces have launched another artillery strike on Chornobaivka.

  • There have also been reports of Snihurivka been retaken by Ukrainian Forces. These reports turned out to be false, Russian forces still control Snihurivka. Information confirmed with a phone call.

North Kherson Front

  • 35 Kilometers Northeast of Snihurivka, Ukrianian Forces have corssed the Inhulets river and retaken Davydiv Brid and reached Bruskynske.

Lyman Front

The city of Lyman with its pre-war population of around 20,000, is a critical transportation hub for Ukraine. Russia, knowing this all too well, has been attacking towards the city for two months in order to deny Ukraine the use of the city. On May 27, 2022, Russia finally completed its capture of the town. See below map for general locations. Note the location of Slovyansk to the southeast.

The capture of this town was almost a foregone conclusion as the city was positioned in a precarious location to the northeast of the Donets River. This made resupply and reinforcements for the Ukrainian troops defending it very challenging. Ukrainian troops used a fighting retreat to slowly give ground, while causing casualties, but had no real intention of trying to hold the town. Russia's only goal was to capture the town, therefore resulting in a slow but steady assault that essentially only lasted 3 days.

Now that Lyman has been captured, Russian troops will be hard pressed to bridge the Donets River and continue its counterattack. More likely is that Russia forces will use the location to fire artillery at Slovansk until they can meet the attacking element moving southeast from Izyum.

That being said, rumors were rampant today that Russia had already crossed the Donets River with heavy weapons and were moving towards Raihorodok. If this is true then Ukraine may have a second pocket to deal with in the near future. This would also mean that Ukrainian claims that UAF had destroyed all the bridges south was either untrue or Russia has successfully bridged the Donets with a pontoon/mobile bridge.

Any remaining troops to the northeast of the Donets River right now are likely moving south to meet up with the main Ukrainian groupings there. Otherwise they are at extreme risk of capture.

The overall goal of the Russian forces in this area is to eventually drive to Slovyansk and capture the city. If Russia can accomplish that they may be able to completely cut off the Severodonetsk region. Ukraine will fiercely resist this effort. Time will tell who wins.

Popasna Front

  • 7 Kilometers North of Popasna, Ukrainian Forces have fully retaken the village of Komyshuvakha which was previously partially Russian Controlled. This allows for Ukrainian Forces to hold another supply route to Zolote and Hirske.

  • Ukrainian Forces have also reportedly been partially successful in repelling Russian attacks towards Klynove, Soledar, and a number of other villages.

  • It is being reported but currently unconfirmed that Ukraine has restored the supply route from Soledar to Severodonetsk.

Donetsk Front

The Donetsk Axis, which consists of the current frontlines from Horlivka S and then W to Novoukrainka, has seen an incredible amount of fighting over the last 8 years. This axis was the location of much of the fighting between Ukraine and the Donetsk People's Republic that has gone on since 2014, when the region seceded from Ukraine. This also means that the defenses in this area have largely settled into very well fortified positions on both sides. This makes any forward progress, by either side, excruciatingly difficult to achieve. The map below provides some general locations of Russian ongoing attacks. Ukraine does not have any major counteroffensives in this region at this time.

The main location of Russian attack is in and around Avdiivka, where Russian forces have made some very minor gains in the past few days. These gains are less than 3km. However, Russia was able to capture some hardened fortifications that were occupied by Ukrainian troops a few days prior. The below video shows some of those locations and the fortifications. This was all around the area of Kruta Balka.

Another area of intense fighting along this axis is Marinka. This city, much like Avdiivka, has been the scene of fighting for 8 years. Recently, Russian forces have reached the outskirts of the city but have been unable to capture it, despite months of trying. Videos like the one below are very common from Marinka.

In the coming days it is unlikely that any significant breakthroughs will occur due to the highly entrenched nature of troops on both sides. Ukraine likely does not have sufficient troops to even attempt an effective counterassault, as most troops are being sent towards Severodonetsk. Russia is equally unlikely to find blinding success in this area due to the deep and established frontlines.

If either, Ukraine or Russia are able to conduct a breakthrough and make significant progress along this axis, it would be a major victory for that nation.

Time will tell if additional advances are made by either side, but in the short term this area will likely be characterized by small advances, heavy weapons and intense fighting.

Lyman Front (Part 2)

  • Lyman has been captured by Russian Forces. This was confirmed by both Ukrainian and Russian Forces.

  • Ukriane still holds Dibrova, Svyatohirsk, and Studenok. It is also likely that Russia will reach the Severskyi-Donets River and be unable to cross making it a border between the two forces for sometime as previously seeing through other parts of the map.

Velyka Novosilka Front

After a long hiatus of battlefield success in this area, Ukraine has managed to counterattack and defeat Russian forces around 10mi/16km W of Velyka Novosilka. Ukraine was able to capture the villages of Novopil' and Novodarivka. See general location in the map below.

Ukrainian troops of the 98th Territorial Brigade assaulted both of the villages and managed to to kill, capture or run off the defending Russian Armed Forces. The attacks came from the northwest and drove Russian forces out of the two villages. See map below for general lines of advance by UAF and retreat by RUAF.

Russian troops were able to mount a counterattack within a matter of hours, but were met with fierce resistance by the Ukrainian defenders and eventually retreated to the east and southeast.

Video posted today showed Ukrainian troops attacking Russian armor with a 9M113 Konkurs ATGM (a Soviet era wire-guided Anti-Tank Guided Missile) and possibly destroying it somewhere in Novopil'. Recent Ukrainian attacks in this area have focused on ambush style attacks, while preserving existing terrain.

This video has been geolocated to somewhere near 47.815389, 36.629944 just to the north of Novopil' and was likely part of the Ukrainian defense of the Russian counterattack, since it took place from the town firing off to the northeast. Picture below shows the approximate location:

The frontlines on this front have been mostly static for several weeks as both Ukraine and Russia have focused troops and resources elsewhere. It is unlikely this represents a new effort by Ukraine and more likely was a target of opportunity that the 98th Azov/Territorial Brigade capitalized on. This area will continue to receive little attention until the higher priority areas like the remaining battles for Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast and Slovyansk conclude.

Full Map of Ukraine May 28-29, 2022

Top Ten Important News Headlines

1.Lithuanian Citizens Pool $4.7M to Buy Advanced Drone for Ukraine's Military. (Newsweek)

2. Russia won't use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, says ambassador to UK. (BBC)

3. Ukraine: Zelenskyy rules out 'military means' to regain all lost territory (DW)

4. Drones. Crutches. Potatoes. Russians Crowdfund Their Army. (The New York Times)

5. Russia claims capture of key Ukrainian transport hub (The Washington Post)

6. Ukraine has launched its Southern Counteroffensive (Forbes)

7. US MLRS launchers soon to be sent to Ukraine, Kyiv confirms (Yahoo News)

8. Ahead of EU summit, France and Germany urge Putin to meet Zelensky (NPR)

9. Turkey’s Erdogan remains opposed to Finnish, Swedish NATO bids (PBS)

10. Russian forces "storming" city in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian officials say (CBS)

Current Russian Losses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

As of May 29 and (Change from previous day)

  • ~30,150 Soldiers Killed (+150)

  • 1,338 Tanks (+8)

  • 3,270 Armored Personnel Vehicles (+12)

  • 631 Artillery Systems (+3)

  • 203 MLRS (+0)

  • 93 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems (+0)

  • 207 Aircrafts (+0)

  • 174 Helicopters (+0)

  • 13 Boats/ Ships (+0)

  • 504 UAVs (+1)

  • 48 Other Special Equipment (+0)

  • 2,240 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks (+14)

  • Cruise Missiles 116 (+0)

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