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May 31 Report Ukraine Map

Severodonetsk Front

  • Russian Forces have captured the village of Metolkine

  • About 50-60% of Severodonetsk is now controlled by Russian Forces.

  • Russian Forces control the East and Ukrainians are holding the West.

  • Russian Forces are quickly gaining land in Severodonetsk

Lyman Front

Russian troops continued to consolidate around the city of Lyman, following its capture several days ago. On May 30, 2022 Russian forces are confirmed to have captured Dibrova and Staryi Karavan 7mi/11km NE of Slovyansk.

It is likely that Ukrainian troops abandoned the towns after the fall of Lyman in order to avoid being trapped on the northeast side of the Donets River. The Ukrainian defense of Dibrova had proven to be a very difficult nut to crack for Russia but they were eventually forced to retreat to the southwest to avoid capture.

On May 31, 2022, Russian forces are confirmed to have captured Yarova from Ukrainian troops. This is in a continued Russian effort to solidify their hold on the northeast side of the river.

However, Ukrainian troops continued to put up stiff resistance around Sosnove, Studenok and Shchurove. Urkainian troops are trying to keep a foothold on the opposite bank of the river but will likely have to soon withdraw to avoid encirclement. Heavy fighting locations can be seen in the NASA FIRMS 2 day map and @AggregateOsint created map below.


Map by @AggregateOSINT Showing Heavy Fighting Locations

Russia is trying to consolidate all territory to the NE of the Donets River ASAP to begin an offensive towards Slovyansk and to isolate remaining Ukrainian forces fighting around Severodonetsk. It is likely that Russia will soon control the entire northeast side of the Donets River all the way through Ukraine. This will severely complicate future Ukrainian advances across the entire eastern front. Russia already has several bridgeheads across the Donets River so they are not faced with the same set of challenges as Ukraine. Whether or not this can free up sufficient forces for Russia to accelerate its attack is not clear, but it is possible.

North Kherson Front

  • Ukrainian Forces control Bilohirka and Lozove then they went through the fields and reached Kostromka

  • Davydiv Brid is controlled by Russia

  • Andriivka, Kostromka, Shchaslyve, and Bruskynske are contested.

Kharkiv Front

Kharkiv continues to be quiet compared to other areas in eastern Ukraine right now. Russian and Ukrainian forces continue an artillery duel along the line of contact with the goal of softening defenses for future attack. The big news on this front is that Russia appears to be gathering together a new strike force in this area to renew its attack towards Kharkiv city. While this is possible it is unlikely to happen in any sizable fashion soon, since Russia continues to be constrained by an overall lack of troops. Ukraine is also suffering from lack of troops in the area but the UAF currently has enough to defend against minor Russian attacks like the ongoing Battle for Ternova. Map of control is below.

Time will tell if Russia is able to muster a new attack on Kharkiv City after the stunning defeat it suffered during the first one.

Popasna Front

  • Russian Forces have counter attacked and taken half of Komyshuvakha back from the Ukrainians. Komyshuvakha is a small but strategic town for both sides to have.

  • If the Ukrainians lose Komyshuvakha then there would be less supply routes towards Zolote and other smaller villages.

Mykolaiv-Kherson Front

  • There has been no significant changes to the Mykolaiv-Kherson Front

  • There have been claims that Russian Forces are withdrawing from Snihurikva but they have not been verified yet

  • There is reports of fighting ongoing around Snihurivka and to the West of the village.

Full Map of Ukraine May 31, 2022

Top Ten News Headlines

1. President Biden: What America Will and Will Not Do in Ukraine (The New York Times)

2. U.S. to Send Ukraine $700 Million in Military Aid, Including Advanced Rockets (NYT)

3. Himars: what are the advanced rockets US is sending Ukraine? (The Guardian)

4. Ukraine: Sleepwalking into chaos? (The Hill)

5. Amid war and upheaval, Ukraine is on an improbable World Cup quest (Yahoo)

6. Russian Military Is Repeating Mistakes in Eastern Ukraine, U.S. Says (NYT)

7. Ukraine war: Stories of torture emerging out of Kherson (BBC News)

8. Fears of a mass toxic acid spill after Russians bomb Ukrainian chemical factory (9 News)

9. Ukraine reports 15,000 suspected war crimes (BBC News)

10. These charts show how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed global oil flows (CNBC)

Current Russian Losses Include: (Reported by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense)

As of May 31 and (Change from previous day)

  • ~30,500 Soldiers Killed (+150)

  • 1,358 Tanks (+9)

  • 3,302 Armored Personnel Vehicles (+20)

  • 649 Artillery Systems (+6)

  • 207 MLRS (+2)

  • 93 Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems (+0)

  • 208 Aircrafts (+1)

  • 174 Helicopters (+0)

  • 13 Boats/ Ships (+0)

  • 515 UAVs (+8)

  • 48 Other Special Equipment (+0)

  • 2,275 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks (+11)

  • 120 Cruise Missiles (+2)

Thank You for reading this update. Check out the New Interactive Map and Please Follow @Ukraine_Map and @AggregateOsint on Twitter.

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